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Premier Baseball Association

The Premier Baseball Association is the umbrella organization that facilitates the highest level of baseball competition in the province for high school and college players on 30 teams; 13 teams play in the BCPBL, 12 teams in the BCJPBL and 5 college teams in the CCBC.

Cardinals open 2014 Season with Win
Written by BCBPL Admin   
Saturday, 12 April 2014 06:26

The 2014 BCPBL season opened last night at Delair Park with the Abbotsford Cardinals defeating the Langley Blaze 8-4. Blaze 1B Dakota Curry hit the season's first home run. Cardinals starting pitcher Alex Gibbons picked up the win allowing 3 runs over five innings.

Other season opening games are scheduled for today with the Chiefs, Athletics, Mariners and defending league champions Victoria Eagles all hosting double headers. [see today's schedule]

2014 Baseball BC Hi-Performance Schedule
Thursday, 10 April 2014 09:09

Click to view 2014 Baseball BC High Performance Schedule

Langley Blaze win Best of the West (Kamloops) for 5th straight year
Monday, 07 April 2014 20:17

Langley Blaze win Best of the West (Kamloops) for 5th straight year

Langley Blaze win Best of the West (Kamloops) for 5th straight year defeating OK Athletics in the final 13-0.

BCPBL teams competing were ND Blue Jays, OK Athletics, North Shore Twins, Parksville Royals, Victoria Mariners and the Langley Blaze. Tournament included Okotoks, Vauxhall, SFX Academy and Edmonton Prospects in front of 25 MLB scouts.
Blaze went through the tournament undefeated. Tournament MVP was Connor Chorpita. Kristan Storrie threw 4 1/3 1 hit innings for the win vs the Athletics.

PED Program Update
Written by BCBPL Admin   
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 14:04

On Saturday, February 15, 2014 the B.C. Premier Baseball League and Baseball B.C. hosted a very successful and informative seminar on performance enhancing drugs  to a packed room of around one hundred players, coaches, parents, and representatives from B.C. Minor at the Langley Coast Hotel and Conference Center in Langley. All lower mainland teams from the BCPBL were represented and teams from the island and Kelowna will have access to the taped session to hold parent/player meetings in their respective communities. The taped session can be accessed from a You Tube link on the BCPBL website; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BGng2R0FTw.  A DVD is also available for meetings upon request through the Premier Baseball Association.

Ted Hotzak, president of the BCPBL, outlined why the association is taking the initiative to launch the performance enhancing drugs program in 2014; with the support and participation from Baseball B.C. The BCPBL will be utilizing, Citahealth, a local company with expertise in the field of drug and alcohol testing with offices in Vancouver and Langley. Since 1993, nationally certified technicians from Citahealth have conducted more than 25,000 confidential and legally defensible collections in British Columbia; more than any other organization in BC. 

Frank Soper, from Citahealth, shared a power point presentation with the audience to provide information about performance enhancing drugs and the collection process to be used for the BCPBL. Also, he noted how Citahealth will work with the BCPBL to carry out the random collection of specimens for drug testing in 2014. These collection samples will be shipped for testing to the only World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) approved laboratory in Canada, INRS – Institute Armand-Frappier in Laval Quebec. This agency is tasked with developing and maintaining a list of banned substances for sport in the world. WADA has an excellent website www.wada-ama.org/ with a significant amount of information on doping.

B.C. Minor Annual Convention
Written by BCBPL Admin   
Monday, 17 February 2014 14:10

B.C. Minor is hosting their annual convention this weekend. February 21 - 23rd at the Langley Events Centre. While this is a B.C. Minor event, the convention contains some great sessions on various coaching topics. Please review the conference brochure to review all of the sessions that are available.

PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs) Education and Prevention Program
Written by BCBPL Admin   
Monday, 27 January 2014 21:09

Baseball B.C. in conjunction with the PBL is in the process of implementing a PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs) Education and Prevention program for our League and Baseball B.C. affiliated programs.   
Over the past few years, the use of PEDs in sport has become a leading headline in the media.  In fact, 2013 saw a number of major news stories regarding use of PEDs by high-visibility players in baseball.   
Our League was built on the foundation of hard work and training that has been instilled by our coaches and talked to our players about "doing things the right way."  This encompasses all aspects of the sport, including a healthy diet and the avoidance of using drugs by any player.   
The reputation of our League and Baseball B.C. is at stake with this issue and if any of our players were to test positive at a showcase event or the Canada Cup, or at a college, the impact on our League and the sport in BC would be very detrimental.   We would immediately lose the respect of college and professional scouting organizations, thus tarnishing our image and impacting both current and future League players.  It would take several years for the negative image to be overcome and, because colleges have hundreds of players from other competing organizations as well, they could simply move on to other sources of players.
With this being said, it is becoming more apparent among players in the PBL that with easy access to PEDs, knowledge of the Pros using them (despite getting caught, fined, suspended, and banned from playing), and/or other players on their team using them, then maybe they should consider using them to, to ensure that they can stay competitive.  The use of PEDs is starting to creep into our League.
The use of PEDs means that players don't have a level playing field.  In addition, it hurts legitimate athletes and challenges sports morals if some players are rewarded on the basis of using PEDs versus proper training and development.  That certainly is not fair to the players that are doing things the right way.   In addition, there appears to be a substantial amount of growing evidence that the use of PEDs does have a number of harmful side effects, some of which may not be evident for several years.  
Therefore, we will be implementing an Education and Prevention program for PEDs in our League in 2014.   Our focus will be to ensure that each player is aware of the dangers of using such drugs.   In conjunction with the education program, we will begin random testing of our players.  This is the same type of testing that our players receive at the Canada Cup, or if they go on to play college, university or pro baseball.  
As a League, we would like to be proactive in addressing this topic with our players, parents, and coaches.   
Throughout 2014, we will be:
1. implementing an on-line education program for all of our players.   This web based education package will explain the real facts of the use of these drugs to our players and to anyone else that wants to cycle through the information.   We will require all of our players to complete the program.   It will include some on-line questionnaires to ensure that the players understand the material.  
2. after all of the players have completed the education phase, we will begin random testing of our players throughout the year.   Again, this will be the same type of testing that they will have to participate in when they go on to play college, university, or pro ball.   In fact, Baseball B.C. has gone on record that it will be testing players that try out for the B.C. Selects team starting this year.   If any player does not agree to be tested, they will be excluded from the Selects and all Provincial High Performance programs.  
As part of the education program, the League will be hosting an information session on Saturday Feb 15th at 1:00 PM at the Langley Coast Hotel and Conference Centre.   All parents, coaches, players, and people affiliated with our League are invited and encouraged to attend.   
As a League and a Provincial Sport Organization, the PBL and Baseball B.C. would hope that everyone that participates in our program would support this initiative.   We are trying to protect our sport and our League for future players.

Harbourcats Team With PBL Clubs
Written by BCBPL Admin   
Thursday, 23 January 2014 10:14

Eagles, Mariners seniors will combine to face WCL team on June 5 at RAP

VICTORIA, B.C. – The best of the city’s Premier Baseball League teams will join forces to face the Victoria HarbourCats. The pre-WCL season exhibition game, set for Thursday, June 5 at Royal Athletic Park, will see the HarbourCats prepare for their first regular season game by facing a combined Eagles/Mariners team featuring the ‘seniors’ from both programs. The scheduled first pitch will be 7:05 pm.

“This is a win-win for everyone involved, and we’re glad to partner further with local youth baseball,” said HarbourCats GM Jim Swanson. “This particular event will give our coaches a chance to evaluate our players in a game situation, it will give our staff and the City of Victoria a chance to prepare for all facility operations, and we’re excited it will showcase the best young baseball players in Victoria against elite college athletes.” [Read more]

Turtle Thomas Hitting Clinic - Jan 17-19 2014
Written by BCBPL Admin   
Tuesday, 03 December 2013 21:03

Turtle Thomas from Florida International University will be coming to BC during the month of January. Turtle is one of the most knowledeagble and well respected hitting coaches in North America. The Hitting/Catching camp will take place January, 17th - 19th at Whalley's new indoor facility as well as their secondary facility behind right field in Surrey. [See flyer with clinic details]

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